4 Stars Pazeider Bio Healing Garden of Merano

Rooms & Suites

Our individually designed oases of well-being say to you as soon as you enter: "Good day, glad you're here". Natural materials have been cleverly used and imaginatively combined with designer furniture.  Innovative technology, invisible to you, provides a pleasant room climate without noise or draughts. Would you like to know more?

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Healing Garden

At the beginning of the 1980s, the American landscape architect Roger S. Ulrich did pioneering work to reintroduce modern Westerners to the positive effect of nature on their well-being.  In modern times, green spaces and gardens largely disappeared from our living environment. The designation "garden" is always justified when places or spaces are provided with really green vegetation such as meadows, flowers or the natural element of water. And that brings us to the organic Hotel Pazeider. It is exciting to know that the positive effect on people also occurs when you simply walk around there or look at them through a window.    So, whether you are planning a particularly active holiday or just a quiet wellness holiday with lots of doing nothing and/or wellness, you will feel the Healing Garden effect. Try it out with us at the Bio-Pazeider.

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