Culinary Variety

Gourmet pizza from the wood-fired oven * In-house bakery * Regional organic products

Own bakery and patisserie

What could be more delicious than fresh bread? From various organic flours and other ingredients, we create taste explosions ranging from very savoury to mild, fine, airy and easily digestible. Simply something to sink your teeth into. For example, the bread with the specially prepared sourdough - baked without added yeast - delights friends of strong flavours.  The delicious rolls made from organic wheat flour, variously combined with grains and fruits, make the hearts of lovers of fine baked goods beat faster.

And best of all, our baker, Fiona Tortellini, comes up with new bread and roll creations almost every day.  Fiona Tortellini's cake creations are famous beyond the region. Try the Sacher cake, the fruit slices, the light Danish pastries, filled and unfilled delicacies.

The best thing about it: it's organic.