Drinking good wine and having time = luxury

Who doesn't know them, quaint toasts whose authorship is often unknown? Or those attributed to great thinkers or poets. Here are two prominent examples: "Life is too short to drink bad wine." (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) or "In vino veritas" (Alcaios of Lesbos † around 580 BC).

The latter saying goes back to Roman antiquity and means that there is truth in wine. However, the originators were not the Romans, but a Greek poet. The core of this idiom is the assumption that under the influence of alcohol people reveal their true thoughts and feelings, which they would have rather held back in a sober state. In the course of time, "In vino veritas" became firmly rooted in many cultures around the world and can be found in the works of numerous authors. Whether the idea of honesty in a state of intoxication really passes the practical test is debatable...

Let me take you on a journey into the special world of red, white and rosé wines. Let's use our precious time to enjoy all the things that bring us joy and are fun. This is also the advice of the following toast by an unknown author: "Drink while the cup beckons. Make the most of your days. Whether you drink upstairs or downstairs is the big question".

Your Stephan Kofler

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