F. X. Mayr Indications & Therapy Principles

F. X. Mayr Therapy - What can you expect?

The therapy according to F.X. is designed as a cure for a limited period of time. First, an effective detoxification of the intestines is initiated. Your individual conditions determine the diet, whether intolerances are present or simply the desire to detoxify - sparing remains the highest principle. Detoxification reactions are intercepted with substitution. Manual abdominal treatments stimulate the lymph and improve breathing.

If desired, further diagnostic clarifications can also be carried out. The Medical Centre staff lovingly monitor the course of the cure and adjust it if necessary. Excess pounds disappear in a relaxed way, making room for new strength, energy and joie de vivre.

The optimisation of one's own lifestyle is also discussed. Active elements such as thorough and intensive chewing as well as conscious attention to the feeling of satiety and deepened breathing through a more relaxed diaphragm are trained. The staff trained to meet the requirements of the cure and the organic cuisine of the Pazeider will pamper your senses and your palate. The legacy of F.X. Mayr: Promoting health, regeneration and joie de vivre by rehabilitating the intestinal region. And: fasting is still considered one of the absolutely proven life-prolonging measures.