The Pazeider cancellation conditions


The free cancellation period is currently 14 days before arrival.

And if something comes up? Something can always happen!? You're looking forward to wonderfully carefree holidays and then suddenly something comes up. In addition to the unpleasant cause, there are also cancellation costs.Our recommendation: The PAZEIDER all-round carefree package with travel cancellation insurance protects you from additional costs. Please instruct us or let us know briefly by email or telephone and we will advance the premium of just €35.00 per adult and €20 per child for you.

Cancellation conditions of the organic & wellness hotel PAZEIDER according to the regulations of the Hotel Gastwirte Verband Südtirol - HGV:

If you cancel within the last 13 days before the start of your trip, you will incur the following cancellation costs without travel cancellation insurance:If you book with breakfast, 80% of the total amount will be chargedWhen booking with half board, 70% of the total amount will be chargedIf the trip is canceled prematurely, all unused days of the travel arrangement, including meals, will be charged. These costs are fully covered by the PAZEIDER all-round carefree package with a premium amount of just €35.00 per adult and €20 per child.

We suggest that you take out this cancellation insurance for you. This means we complete the formalities and advance the premium for you. We will then bill you upon arrival in cash in the amount of just €35.00 per adult and €20 per child.

It is sufficient to instruct us by telephone (0039 0473 448740) or by email (

Cancellation conditions:

Insured reasons for trip cancellation/trip terminationThe following events are insured reasons for trip cancellation or trip interruption if you are unexpectedly unable to start the trip or have to cancel it:unexpected serious illness, serious accidental physical injury, vaccine intolerance or death; loosening of implanted joints; unexpected serious illness, serious accidental injury or death (including suicide) of a family member, if this makes your presence urgently necessary; Pregnancy, if this was discovered after booking the trip, or severe pregnancy complications up to and including the 35th week of pregnancy; significant material damage to your property at the place of residence as a result of an act of God (e.g. flood, storm), fire, burst water pipe or criminal act by a third party, if this makes your presence urgently necessary is; loss of job due to termination by the employer through no fault of one's own; Calling up for basic military or community service; Filing of the divorce suit or, in the case of registered civil partnerships, the filing of the dissolution suit before the spouses/civil partners travel together; Dissolution of the civil partnership (with the same registration address for 6 months) by giving up the shared residence before the partner travels together; Failure to pass the school leaving examination or a similar final examination of at least 3 years of school education; Arrival of an unexpected court summons. Family members include spouses (or registered life partners or partners living in the same household), children (step-children, grandchildren-in-law, foster-children), parents (step-children, grandparents-in-law, foster-children), siblings and brothers-in-law /Sister-in-law of the insured person - in the case of a registered life partner or partner living in the same household, also their children, parents and siblings