In the 8th generation at the Erbhof Pazeider & team of employees

The Pazeider "orchestra"... always looking for the most harmonious "notes" to refine the composition.

The hotel manager, Andreas Lerch, acts - to stay with the metaphor - as the music supervisor. Responsible for the organization and management of all hotel areas, he is a planner, motivator, suggestion box and coordinator of (almost) all matters, so that you don't miss anything in the Pazeider. Currently around 40 people from different professions are working for you around the clock. In every corner of the hotel, in the reception, service, kitchen, restaurant, house cleaning and garden, everyone plays their part with passion and heart and soul: so that you personally take our Pazeid melody of hospitality home with you as a heavenly relaxation, think of us with joy and... would love to come back soon.

Guests become friends...