Pazeid Wine Cellar from 1776 & More

As early as 1715, Gottlieb Siegmund Corvinus noted in "Nutzbares, galantes und curiöses Frauenzimmerlexicon" (Useful, Gallant and Curious Encyclopaedia of Women), Leipzig: "A good wine requires COS, one should taste it with his 5 senses: It should have coloren (a beautiful colour), odorem (a good smell), saporem (an agreeable taste), and when poured, it should rush out freshly.

Whether our family ancestors already knew this wisdom, we do not know. But we do know that wine has been drunk on the Pazeiderhof for generations. Whether wine was produced by ourselves or purchased from winegrowers in the South Tyrolean surroundings has not been handed down. Today we offer you a variety of red, white and rosé wines from the region and numerous countries of the world. Try our specialities.

The Pazeider Winecard

Historical wine cellar from anno 1776

"He who can enjoy does not drink wine, but tastes secrets."(Salvador Dali)

Our wine cellar is lovingly stocked. The basis of our selection is as simple as it is difficult: we look for wines that are created with a sensitive hand and respect for nature. In addition to noble historic wines and classic South Tyrolean wines, we prefer individual, independent wines with a regional and artisanal character. In the old stone cellar, however, we not only store, but also taste.

Every week, wine lover and host Stephan invites you to a very special wine event:
The wine seminar
The historic wine cellar is open by appointment and on Tuesdays from 9 pm.